Medical Emergencies occur every day-affecting thousands of lives. The “it will never happen to me” mindset is quickly shattered when an emergency occurs close to home or at the work place. Nirvana’s 24 hour medical responses to emergencies are designed to manage these eventualities. Should an emergency arise, our 24 hour medical response call centre can be contacted and one of our response vehicles will be dispatched to the location of the emergency. Our paramedics and personnel on the response vehicle will then stabilise the ill or injured individual and arrange transport to the nearest most appropriate medical facility. Pre-arranged admission and document processing can be facilitated with the receiving hospitals near to the business’s area of an operation, further lessening potential time-consuming delays in an emergency. The priority in any emergency is to get the ill/injured individual to definitive care. Nirvana is geared to manage the entire process. The cost for this service is a monthly cost that includes the medical response and stabilization of the ill or injured on site, including employees, contractors and visitors.